Shira Strategy - Low Rate - 70% accurate - 500% YOY - BTC/USD

  • v3 script
    ~ 70% accurate (profitable calls)
    ~ 500% YOY
    ~ 0.15% comission
    works on both bear and bull markets - backtested from aug/2017 (bitmex BTC perpetual contracts)

The idea is to search for anomalies, in which markets/people start acting irrationally. Then, I bet against them.

I don't believe that price indicators (and derivatives like ema , sma , rsi , etc) are good indicators of future price.

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Ciao Renato, can I get access to this script? Really curious to test it out.
Hello! can you grant me access to this script? Thank you!
renato_shira univbitmex
@univbitmex, sorry, I'm keeping this private for now
Hey your Script look interesting, I wanted to try it for a while .
Can you please grant access for sometime ? Thanks.
@bapusv6, sorry, I'm keeping this private for now
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