Easy indicators

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So lets make life easy
all indicators in info panel+ recomonation of buy (if green) at the top of the info
just for fun
Notas de Lançamento: some fix
Notas de Lançamento: another minor fix
Notas de Lançamento: some modification
Notas de Lançamento: add sell
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Hi I have tried the 'Add to favorites' and also tried copy and pasting this script with no success.
The When adding to chart no errors are reported, the indicator settings opens as an overlay top left, but no Panel on the chart, Is I open the settings window the only input I see is 'Source'.
I'm was so looking forward to trying this, would anyone have a view whats wrong?
can i try this?
how to emplement this?
thanks for answer
RafaelZioni myfriendje
@myfriendje, this is a new version more advance , it give suggestion for buy and sell trends based on 15 indicators , but you can make your own combo by your self
Great job RafaelZioni. Thank you very much for posting your codes and allowing others to learn, your scripting ability is awesome. <3
Great script.

The buy/sell colors are a little confusing. Maybe make them white/gray to activate/deactivate the text.
@RafaelZioni Is it possible to combine this script with your VPT indicator to use it as a source?
Very creative. Would be good if there was on option to display indicators horizontally on the top of the price bar
RafaelZioni stockmarketupdate
@stockmarketupdate, maybe I need to figure out how to do it:)
@RafaelZioni, An understatement as your scripting skills are very good.

I've changed with 'posx' values setting each value to different time multiplication and set the all positions to '0'. It worked on daily time frame but on shorter minute timeframe gets spread out.
posx1 = timenow + round(change(time)*20)
posx2 = timenow + round(change(time)*30)
RafaelZioni stockmarketupdate
@stockmarketupdate, you can try this template
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