[LunaOwl] Moving average Bias Ratio

作品: 均線乖離率 (Moving average Bias Ratio)

The concept of Moving average Bias Ratio is according to the difference between the long/short-term MA changes, determine the direction of buy or sell. Long if the short-term MAs is above the long-term MAs; Conversely, if the short-term MAs is below the long-term MAs, it is not held.


Using the deviation rate alone will have the disadvantage of unclear signals, which can only explain the increased chance of market reversal. It needs to cooperate with the rule of thumb and other analytical tools.



Formula - 公式

Avg . BIAS = ( MA(short) - MA(long) ) ÷ MA(long) × 100 %
均線乖離率 =(短期平均-長期平均) ÷ 長期平均 × 100 %


The greater the distance between the two moving averages, the greater the Bias Ratio.
Notas de Lançamento: Add strategy attributes, backtest, increase moving average type VWMA, and increase datetime range.
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