KISS HeiKin Arrows with Alerts

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

A Simple strategy using Heikin Candles with a twist of my own custom idea. No explanation needed because it's simple.

Suggested Settings:

- Must pick Heikin Ashi
- Best use for Daily chart but can go lower to 2hrs

If you like this strategy and wants to continue using it.

Please don't be shy and share some love :)

Bitcoin Deposit Address:

Litecoin Deposit Address:

Ethereum Deposit Address:
Notas de Lançamento: Updates:
- 2018-10-09
- Added Strong Buy/Sell indicators. Green Circle = Strong Buy, Red Circle = Strong Sell
- Note: This Strong indicator is still in-progress. That's why I haven't added an alert for it.
Eg. Manual usage of Strong Buy
- If green arrow and green circle are in the same candle bar = bullish
- if green arrow and the next green circle is close enough(<5 candle bar) = bullish

- Strong Buy/Sell alerts
- Trailing profits/stop loss

This indicator can be easily use with 3commas smart trading platform and bots. You can get a discount using the link below
Notas de Lançamento: For trailing stop loss/profit and new updates:

Notas de Lançamento: ALERTS are back !!!
Notas de Lançamento: 2019-03-20 - Updates
- Combine paid and free versions

Please contact @duasto for more information
Notas de Lançamento: Top 10 coins only ... To unlock all pairs contact @duasto
Notas de Lançamento: Small text changes
Notas de Lançamento: Show correct arrows
Notas de Lançamento: Removed green lines
Notas de Lançamento: - Update screenshot and pairs
- Small improvements
- Added Buy Any / Sell Any / All Signals Alerts
Notas de Lançamento: minor fixes

Notas de Lançamento: Cleanup
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Hello. Id like to use this script and unlock for use on other pairs. Was informed that I should contact you to obtain the PW. Thanks!
+6 Resposta
Hi, how can i get the test for this indicator?
+4 Resposta
Hi. I came across your 3commas video and also this script. I'd like to test it. Happy to contribute if it works well. Thanks :)
interzone interzone
@interzone, actually i now saw that it can be used on top ten coins. Thanks for the good work. I will test it out. What's your Telegram channel?

We are moving most of our signals in telegram ... but if you are using KISS in TradingView and working great for you ...

We can unlock it to people who really using it.

KISS been free for more than 6 months and not a single satoshi got donated.

We can't afford to keep membership here in TradingView but with the help of people using it. We can keep it if we get enough support. TY
+5 Resposta
Hello could you please edit the indicator to normal candless chart as was suggested it is very simple to do. Heikin ashi candless bend the price reality.

haopen = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, open)
hahigh = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, high)
halow = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, low)
haclose = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, close)
+1 Resposta
Hi how do you set tradingview alerts via app or sms with this indicator?
+4 Resposta
Kriptofuture MartianSolo
@MartianSolo, duasto told me he temporarily removed alerts from his script because it's not a good time to use it. "Bear still strong. Waiting for a good bounce up before I suggest using it. That's the reason I removed the alerts". Anyway, I have found KISS is the easiest and best signal and wish duasto will bring alerts back to the indicator ASAP.
+1 Resposta
MartianSolo Kriptofuture
@Kriptofuture, Thanks for your reply! I surely wouldnt blame him for getting bad results. Anyway lets hope for the best and have him bring them back. I wish you an happy new year!
Just a suggestion, I'd reccmmend using the following code so you end up using heikin ashi values without necessarity having to be in heikin ashi candle view.

haopen = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, open)
hahigh = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, high)
halow = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, low)
haclose = security(heikinashi(tickerid), period, close)

the just replace your references to ohlc with the HA equivalent.
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