Hello , this script is trained with eurusd 4-hour data. (550 columns) Details :

Learning cycles: 8327
AutoSave cycles: 100
Training error: 0.005500 ( That's a very good error coefficient.)

Input columns: 19
Output columns: 1
Excluded columns: 0

Training example rows: 550
Validating example rows: 0
Querying example rows: 0
Excluded example rows: 0
Duplicated example rows: 0

Input nodes connected: 19

Hidden layer 1 nodes: 2
Hidden layer 2 nodes: 5
Hidden layer 3 nodes: 0

Output nodes: 1

Learning rate: 0.6000
Momentum: 0.8000
Target error: 0.0055

NOTE : Use with EURUSD only.
Alarms added.

Thanks dear wroclai for his great effort.
Deep learning series will continue ! Stay tuned.
Regards , Noldo .

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