Numeraire Market Cap

Hello traders!

This is Market Cap chart of Numeraire cryptocurrency with some additional features.

What is included
  • Dynamic market capitalization chart
  • Customizable SMA of the market capitalization
  • Crossovers highlighting
  • Alerts for crossovers
  • Alert for the specified positive % change
  • Alert for the specified negative % change

How to get access
  • Buy for only 20$ to get lifetime access to this indicator

Like and follow for more cool indicators!

Happy Trading!
Mar 03
Notas de Lançamento:
  • Refactored
  • Changed crossovers default styling
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Correct me if I am wrong, but all these scripts do is multiply the price by the supply? Are you going to consistently going to update these scripts as their supply levels fluctuates? Putting a moving average over the product of the price and a fixed scalar will just give you back the same thing as putting it over the price
@mcbw_, this is "Dynamic market capitalization chart". The word "Dynamic" means if available supply of the coin is changed it will recalculate market cap of the current period.
No scalar supplies, my friend.
@mcbw_, just hacking TV)
mcbw_ everget
@everget, That's some tradingview black magic
@mcbw_, that's some @everget black magic)
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