DeMark Indicators - modified version.

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DeMark Indicators - modified version.
By Roger Pid
Contains the traditional 13, combination 13, and aggressive 13 countdown indicators with setup trend lines .

The logic contained herein is a modified version of the orginal work of Tom DeMark as specified in the following publication:

The programming herein is based on the original Pine Script work of Jan WillemDe Korver found here:

and enhanced by Roger Pid.

Please consider a donation if you find the effort required to bring you this program useful.

BTC: 1NuKcBVz8Yn3Zx2hJTzj51tVyhyxCPNgaU
ETH: 0x570CB2efceD4cF49Ddd4F0819eA43691d5a9E77C

The source code for this program is free for distribution under the following guidelines and must not be hidden
Feb 17
Notas de Lançamento: Added Buy and Sell indicators
Feb 27
Notas de Lançamento: v3 - Perfected setup 9 arrows will be red and green and unperfected will be orange.
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Does this script also work or can be made work when using heikin-ashi candles?
Can you rework the code for Pincescript version=3?
As the cold is old and may get obsolete soon.
dawinci dawinci
@RogerPid I reworked the whole code for Pincescript version=3.
The only problem i have is line 50 -> Variable `isBuyPlotted` was declared with series type. Cannot assign it expression of type series

I reworked as follows:

isBuyPlotted = 0.0
isBuyPlotted:=nz(buySetup)==9?false:buySignal==true or isBuyPlotted==true?true:nz(buySetup)==9?true:false
Do you know how to rework this line it works in version3?
@RogerPid your script works great. The only issue I'm having is that some things, like "C13" and "A13", don't show up in dark mode.
I did not understand :( Is there a plain explanation?
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