emini S&P500


strategy for emini S & P 500 futures - it's working with end of day data. There is one hour pause between days in eminis&p500 futures trading.
Ideal time to calculate signal - this strategy can be traded manualy or by automatic system.

Default settings:
slippage 1 (for more realistic)
fees 2,5$ per contract

Entry - day Open after signal is generated
Close - day Open after exit condition occur

max contract held 2 (23 times only from 367 trades) - 344 times only 1 contract

30000$ is minimum because overnight maring for ES futures is about 7500$ and max drawdown is 12000$, you must be able to hold 2 contract. When we don't want hold two contracts only 20000$ is enough. StopLoss is 2780$.

Only 4 days average bars in trade!

This example is from 1997 to today (6.3.2017). 20 years history.

***Check on Equity curve result BOX - BUY&HOLD EQUITY to compare***

Blackline is S&P500 performance. Between 50-100 trades are years 2000-2002 ( bubble) and 200-250 trades, years 2008-2009 (market crash). My strategy works fine in these years.
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Can i have access pls
wow amazing, can you grant me access please?
Can you please grant access to this? Thank you
Hi,that is nice idea! could you please let me use that masterpiece?
please grant me access
hi, could you please let me use that masterpiece? thank you :)
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