EMAGAIN for Profit Trailer by BotIndicators.com

This is a highly adjustable indicator for the ProfitTrailer Crypto Currency Trading Bot.

You can use it to visualize the EMAGAIN buy strategy. Here is how it works:

Set the candle size by setting your TV candle time accordingly
Set the candles used for Slow and Fast EMA Lines in the settings of this Indicator
Also set the buy value you would like to use on your bot to visualize the buy zones. You can set it either positive or negative.

The indicator will then show the Fast EMA , Slow EMA as well as the the areas where the actual price exceeds the buy value you have set and would generate a buy signal for Profit Trailer. Please keep in mind that Profit Trailer may still use trailing buy and trailing profit to optimize your buy/sell situation, this can obviously not be shown through this indicator.

Note: This is a first public release, future modifications may follow and are then shown on this site as updates. Always read this page to the end.

→ For Feedback and Updates as well as Help on how to work with this indicator, please visit this Website:

Notas de Lançamento: Fixed a bug where positive EMAGAIN buy values were handled wrong. This also is connected to wrong wording on the PT Wiki that is going to be fixed.

Note: Buying currently happens when the actual price is below the offset line of the lower EMA line, no matter if the buy value is positive or not.
Notas de Lançamento: some small fixes.
Notas de Lançamento: Update release for ProfitTrailer 2.0

  • new indicator behaviour
  • adds buy_value_limit
  • input name changes for more clarity
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Hello Helmi, Is there any strategy tester for this indicator? how can i figure out the best inputs for fast and slow candle periods as well as the amount of buy value and buy value limit.
Hello! I like to have EMA 200 - but the script let's me only put in numbers up to 100. If I put in 200, number switches back to 100. Please fix this! Thanks!
Hola, alguien me podría explicar rápidamente el nombre de cada una de las cuatro lineas del gráfico y que parámetro le corresponde a cada una?
May I please have access to your scripts. Keep up the good work!
+1 Resposta
Hey. First things first: Awesome indicators!!!
I've a Question... in the picture of EMAGAIN you put "-0.55, -2" which means your buy_value_limit is -2 ... but there are a lot of candles in the screenshot which are below -2 and it is still showing green... do you understand what I'm talking about? ^^
+1 Resposta
@z4nex, you're likely missing the point. The candles are still touching the zone which means the price still was within the range during the time of that candle. Therefore at at least one point in the candle time frame the buy value would have been true.
z4nex Helmi
@Helmi, Oh yes - damn - you're right! :D Thank you very much for the fast answer.
Hi Helmi, could I have access to the Profit Trailer scripts. It will really help me visualize the trades.

Awesome job on the scripts.
+4 Resposta
How can I use these?
Pls allow me to try it
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