This is my favorite for Tradingview.

Please use other indicators to find good entry and good exit. This is why this publication has so many indicators. A good indicator will find good results even on line chart. Feel free to try on "Heiken Ashi" but understand that "line" chart is much more realistic
Due to tradingview's crappy auto resize, the best way to view this script is to click on the share button and "Make it Mine".

Then you can see why my other indicators are "PRESENT"

Dec 15
Notas de Lançamento: This strategy calculates the last high or the last low of a lookback period. If the previous high or low is breached, a signal to enter market is given. This new version adds safety check formula to try to catch potential fake-outs.

Remember that Heiken Ashi do not provide true backtest results because bars are "averaged".

However, this strategy works well with regular candles and line charts if you find the right settings and chart time frame

Dec 15
Notas de Lançamento: Apologies - Changed version number from 1 to 4
Dec 15
Notas de Lançamento: Updated to show back test on line chart on 8H BTCUSD
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Epic Results on a "LIne" Chart on 8H BTCUSD!!!!!!!!!!!

Make settings to: close, 41, 10, 1
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lszjl Craig_Claussen
@Craig_Claussen, Can you write it in full
Does it repaint?
settings: ohlc4, 47,23,1

back test results for December 16th.

Net Profit 5.69 %
Max Draw down 0.64 %
Profit Factor 4.118
Total Closed Trades 18
Percent Profitable 61.11 %
Here is script in "Study" format to create alerts

study(title="HIGHER HIGH LOWER LOW STUDY", shorttitle="HH LL STUDY", overlay=true)


//Higher High or Lower Low Entry Inputs
price = input(ohlc4)
LookBack = input(22)
Highest = highest(LookBack)
Lowest = lowest(LookBack)

long = price > Highest
short = price < Lowest

//Safety Confirmation Inputs - Helps to thin out false breakouts or break downs
length = input(2)
High_Guard = highest(length)
Low_Guard = lowest(length)
length2 = input(1)

long1 = long == 1 and Highest > High_Guard
short1 = short == 1 and Lowest < Low_Guard

plotshape(long1, style=shape.triangleup,, size=size.small,
plotshape(short1, style=shape.triangledown, location=location.bottom, size=size.small,

alertcondition(long1, "LONG BTCUSD 15M HHLL", "LONG BTCUSD 15M HHLL")
alertcondition(short1, "SHORT BTCUSD 15M HHLL", "SHORT BTCUSD 15M HHLL")
I published a private chart so you can gain access to all the other indicators.

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