Bitcoin Trading Signals For Bittrex

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Bitcoin Trading Signals For Bittrex Exchange

The Indicator

The Indicator is built around a renko chart. I use Renko charts to avoid noise and get the most accurate signals out of it. Signals are based on a combination of simple moving averages, RSI & trend changes. I combine these entries with a traditional Renko chart on a 90 points box size.The indicator has no repaints because every signal is given after a condition has closed.

Custom alerts

My Indicator comes along with custom alerts. You can use these custom alerts to get a notification as soon a Signal appears. There are different ways to receive them (by SMS , PopUp, email, sound alert)

Backtesting results

Below you can see the statistics in detail. I used a Portfolio with a value of $7500. All trades are made directly at the market when the Signal appears. I also added a -0.25% fee wich Bittrex charges to prevent you exact results.The results are based on a backtesting from today to the 23.April 2017

Here some numbers in a short overview

7325.48% Netprofit in %
$549411.08 Netprofit in USD
55.67% Profitable Trades
14.83% Max Drawdown
37.76% Avg Trade


The indicator with the custom alerts are open to purchasing for $25 monthly

Requirements to use the indicator

To use the indicator you need to have a tradingview pro+ subscription. You need this subscription because the Signals are running on a 1minute interval rate on the Renko chart which can only be used on a pro+ account

How to get the indicator

If you want to get access to the indicator simply contact me on tradingview with a private message. After you have purchased the Indicator you will be able to load the indicator as a study into your chart. Purchases are able to do over BTC or ETH


I am the only person who can sell you that indicator and grant you access! Any other person is not able to do that. So do not buy this indicator from anyone else. Always use the direct contact to me to prevent not getting scammed!

For Clients

If you have purchased the indicator visit the study (link&chart below) and add it to your favorites. Then you can simply add it to your chart.
Notas de Lançamento: Indicator for Clients !
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