MasterShredder_v10.1 - ALERTS by NazcaProjections

Full indicator MasterShredder, differents spin-off lighter version exist

This Indicator was developed from Market Maker Theory

Market Maker Theory is based off of the idea that the FX markets are operated by large institutional players. These institutional players are international corporations that have trading offices all around the world.

They operate markets off of a basic script and a few strict rules.

One of these rules is that the Market Markers are given a daily and weekly limit that they may move price. This limit is regulated and in place so that the markets do not become unbalanced or destroy themselves.

This indicator, draw and plot everythings live, nothing on the charts above have been manually draw or add
Various improvement have been made specially towards Potential Reversal Zone Placement and size.
Other various improvement should allow it to works on more time frame.
PRZ work now also on any assets/markets open 24h per day. ( USOIL , XAUUSD , BTC , ...)
Other various level and line now also works on more assets and markets.
Last modification, update and improvement are highlight on the charts with the bright Speech Bubble

 Alerts - Alarms
Various of the most importante Area/Zone of interrests have been pre-program and can be set in the Alerts Panel:

You have for ex. all cross of most important line/level pre-program for easier and faster usage.

Detailed user manual can be found here

Product Page


Invite-only script

Access to this script is restricted to users authorized by the author and usually requires payment. You can add it to your favorites, but you will only be able to use it after requesting permission and obtaining it from its author. Contact NazcaProjections for more information, or follow the author's instructions below.

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Hey NazcaProjection,

I hope you may give me access to this script.

Thanks In Advance
+1 Resposta
I would like to get access to this indicator, thank you
I hope you may give me access to this script.
Thanks' In Advance..
Will you please grant me access to this script? Thank you!
If you can let me use it, the effect
Hey NazcaProjections,
I hope you may give me access to this script.
Thanks' In Advance

Will you please grant me access to this script? Thank you!
NazcaProjections AshtonMontoya
@AshtonMontoya, We will extend for you 14 days of trial access untill end of February also.
Good trading
its really awesome. Please grant me access on this brother?
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