Next Support and Resistance

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Support and Resistance lines are generated from recent pivot points and shown only when the price gets close to them.
Notas de Lançamento: Pivot points are shown as circle as well as lines. Both are configurable from the settings to be shown or not.
Notas de Lançamento: Picks up the two most close support and resistance around the price.
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This is very cool thank you for coding this @LazySprinter Few questions:

1. Can we know which pivot point was the line first created from?
2. What is the range/ channel within which the S/R lines start showing? For instance if the price is dropping to 325 and Support is at 300, by what price mark would the support line show up?

Thanks again, hope you're able to answer my questions
Is it repainting. How is entry and exit taken?
LazySprinter DhanilPrakasan
@DhanilPrakasan, No it's not repainting. This indicator is the best effort to remind potential Support and Resistance.
Hello, circles appear with a delay, is it possible to make them appear faster?
@genkir, you can reduce the length in the setting.
genkir LazySprinter
@LazySprinter, it gives more circles or signals but not reduce the delay.
genkir LazySprinter
@LazySprinter, what effects the delay?
LazySprinter RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, thanks
Looks great. Does the support and resistance points appear on close or is it offset?
Is it possible to set an alert? And how could it be done?
Again looks great and very beneficial.
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