Market Scanner Pro - NAS100/S&P500 [FxScripts]

***** OVERVIEW *****

Market Scanner Pro is both a multi-functional indicator and market scanner combined. The combination allows you to have multiple eyes across the market, all from a single chart.

The scanner is comprised of an intuitively designed 3-in-1 tool that tracks the key metrics that drive markets. Each use advanced algorithms to gather information from multiple data points, distilled into one simplified view.

***** TREND SCANNER *****

The first indicator featured on the chart is the Trend Scanner, this allows you to track price action across the wider market. Instantly see pattern shifts and emerging trends; when the market moves, you move with it.


The second is the Momentum Scanner which offers a realtime representation of momentum shifts as they occur. This allows you to monitor false breakouts and catch the moves that matter.

***** VOLUME SCANNER *****

The third is the Volume Scanner which provides unique insight into where buy and sell volume is being placed across the market. It offers a further way of determining entry and exit points or simply confirmation that a trend is underway.

***** HOW IT WORKS *****

1. The scanner surveys the market looking for strengths and weaknesses in Trend, Momentum or Volume.
2. It displays the underlying strength or weakness as a series of dots with up to 10 green dots showing strength and up to 10 red dots showing weakness.
3. Lighter colored dots are displayed where the strength of the trend, momentum or volume is lesser; if a dot is missing this is a sign of market neutrality.
4. All scanners have a sensitivity setting plus a volatility filter which can be adjusted according to your style of trading and the underlying instrument (full details below).
5. The background can be set to color-fill when the majority of dots are coloured either red or green, with higher values denoting greater strength or greater weakness.
6. Alerts can be configured in the same way as the background to provide both entry and exit signals (further details below).

***** INSTRUMENTS *****

Market Scanner Pro is made up of both a European and US indices scanner, both forming part of the same package.

European features the DAX40 and FTSE100; US (this scanner) features the NAS100 plus S&P500. The US scanner works on futures and options such as ES, NQ, QQQ, SPX and SPY.


The scanner features the following customizable settings:

~~ Trend Settings ~~

▶ Trend Filter - adjusting this will allow you to focus on short term trends (most suitable for scalping), medium or long term (best for swing trading).
▶ Countertrend Strength - increases the sensitivity of weaker vs stronger countertrends. As countertrends are trends that run against the main trend, this will assist in detecting the strength of a pullback or reversal and allow you to either hold, exit or reverse the trade with confidence.

~~ Momentum Settings ~~

▶ Momentum Filter - increase or decrease the sensitivity of the momentum scanner. Increase to avoid periods of low or weak momentum, decrease to highlight stronger surges in momentum.

~~ Volume Settings ~~

▶ Volume Filter - increase or decrease the sensitivity of the volume scanner. Increase to avoid periods where buy and sell volume can potentially cancel each other out.

~~ Volatility Settings ~~

▶ Volatility Offset - use this to fine tune the volatility filter. A higher value generally delays the volatility filter allowing for confirmation of stronger trends, a lower value will detect trend, momentum or volume movement sooner but may be less accurate.
▶ Each scanner has its own setting allowing you to adjust how you monitor the underlying volatility for each.
▶ As with all settings, we recommend adjusting this to your style of trading, instrument and timeframe.

~~ Alerts ~~

Alerts can be configured to send notifications when anything from 6-10 bullish or bearish dots are showing. Exit markers can be configured when anything from 2+ dots are revealed. This adds an extra layer of sensitivity for traders who appreciate complete control over their trade.

~~ Display Settings ~~

You have the ability to hide all colored dots and only show the background or, alternatively, hide the background and only show colored dots.

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