TradeChartist Catalyst

™TradeChartist Catalyst is an elegant script that combines Catalyst Trade Bands and automatic ZigZag /Fibonacci plots using an original logic to help users interact in a visually engaging and meaningful way with the charts.


™TradeChartist Catalyst features

1. Catalyst Trade Bands

Catalyst Trade Bands comprises Equilibrium or Mean Bands, Inner Bands, Outer Bands and a Overall Mean Line. Catalyst Trade Bands help visualize the price action in relation to the Equilibrium Bands and clearly show how far away from the mean the current price is. The Trade Bands are of two types - Normal and Weighted. Weighted Bands are very sensitive to price action and a higher Bands length is recommended.

Simple 144 vs Weighted 144 Trade Bands

2. Equilibrium Touch Points

Every time the price touches the Equilibrium, an orange touch point appears on the chart. Normally, the Equilibrium line, for an optimal sample, acts as support or resistance. Price breaching or failing this line usually signals a Pull Back, a Throw Back or a Trend Change based on how the price interacts with it. This can be used with a secondary confirmation like RSI , Stochastic etc. For example, if the price falls back significantly only to touch the Equilibrium Line and fails to test the Overall Mean Line when Stochastic is below 30, this could mean a strong Pull Back rather than a Trend Change as shown in the example chart below.

When price fails the Equilibrium Bands, the fill colour of the Equilibrium bands changes to Bearish colour. If the Overall Mean line is below the Equilibrium bands and is in a reasonable distance, Mean will act as support as shown in the example below. Price failing the mean will test Inner Bands and strong bear momentum could take price to Outer Bands and beyond.

All the components of the Catalyst Trade Bands including the Touch Points can be enabled or disabled from the settings.

3. ZigZag & Fibonacci

Catalyst automatically plots ZigZag and Auto Fibonacci Retracement based on an intelligent logic and can be tweaked by changing the Zigzag & Auto-Fibs Factor from the settings. It also plots Fib ratios and connectors along with price highs and lows of ZigZag . The ratios can be especially useful to visually detect harmonic patterns and also serves as a useful feature for Fibonacci traders.

4. Fibonacci Customisation

Catalyst users can customise Fibonacci type and levels, including levels colour from Catalyst settings. In addition to Auto-Fibs, users can also plot Fibonacci levels based on Days or Candles lookback. This is a very useful feature if the user wants to override Auto-Fibs to suit his/her needs. Users can also reverse the Fibonacci Levels by enabling Reverse from settings.

In the following example chart of OANDA:USDCAD , Fibonacci levels based on 10 days lookback is plotted.


Best Practice: Test with different settings first using Paper Trades before trading with real money

Notas de Lançamento: Code Optimised/updated

  • Added option to show RSI at ZigZag Highs and Lows.
  • Mean Touchpoint to show even when price doesn't touch Mean during Gap up/Gap down.
Notas de Lançamento: Added - Tooltip that shows the current RSI at current price fib label
Notas de Lançamento: Code optimised
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Best script yet. Makes entries and exits a breeze. Highly recommend this script!!! It will easily pay itself off in a trade.

* I received no money for this review or have any vested interest in promoting it outside the fact TradeChartist has been beyond helpful towards me and his scripts are hands down the best on TV*
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TradeChartist ECGTrader
@ECGTrader, Thank you for your support. Best wishes.
so cooool
very useful indicator
great work
i use it make a good profit
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TradeChartist MoreCrazy
@MoreCrazy, Thank you. All the best.
after testing for a month couple with the rsi spotter indy, it is absolutely helpful for buy-sell decision. great job.
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TradeChartist wichienint
@wichienint, Thank you. All the best.
Can I have access to this indicator?
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TradeChartist Alexandeism
@Alexandeism, PM me
This is one of the best indicators I've come across. It has been supremely useful for me as a guide with harmonics, the bands simply superb and the auto fibs made my charting much easier!
Thank you so much TC for making this masterpiece
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@Shanxia, Thank you for your kind words. All the best.