ZigZag Plus [xdecow]

A ZigZag Like based on candle close.

A lot of options that can be hide in options.

Triangle/ bright - reversal confirmation candle
Circle/dark - higher/lower candle breakout
Square/light - Insidebar
Notas de Lançamento: Added swing volume labels
Notas de Lançamento: Added reversal point alerts
Fixed some repaint issues :x
Notas de Lançamento: Added support & resistence lines
Option to change the zigzag line color
Notas de Lançamento: Screenshot updated
Notas de Lançamento: bugfix: max_bars_back
Script de código aberto

No verdadeiro espírito TradingView, o autor deste script o publicou com código aberto, para que os traders possam compreendê-lo e verificá-lo. Um brinde ao autor! Você pode usá-lo gratuitamente, mas a reutilização deste código em uma publicação é regida pelas Regras da Casa. Você pode favoritá-lo para utilizá-lo em um gráfico.

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What should i use in order to get alerts based on the swing volume labels?
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xdecow dpanday
@dpanday, done :)
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Very interesting - thank you for sharing. Can somebody explain how to make most of this indicator please.
Does the percentage compare the volume to the previous candle or the last candle on the bottom or top at the end of the zigzag line?
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Hello, First of all I wanted to say thank you for a great job. Is it possible to have S/R lines in this script as well ?
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xdecow hamed1286
@hamed1286, done :)
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can u make one in zigzag percentage and price change
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Cara, sensafuckingcional, parabens, tava procurando isso, nao sabia nem que era possivel colocar os labels dos volumes na pernada, vou testar aqui
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Dont know if this will be of any help but a lot of times the latest wave count doesnt show up (doesnt matter whether candle close is selected or not). I often load a page and see a number on a completed wave for a second and then it disappears only to show up much later (with the same number count as before). Other times there is a delay in volume count several candles after the direction has changed.

Another error I just noticed is this particular week BTC/Dollar/Tether doesnt change directions above the 15 minute mark (for several days now), while BTC Futures and all the other Crypto coins work perfectly. Dont know why BTC in particular does this - on the 5 minute its functional.

Anyway thanks for making this indicator.
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Thank you for your amazing work, how would we increase the length of the zig-zag ?
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Cool indicator, but there is one problem. With sharp price movements of 10 percent or more, it stops working. After a couple of hours, the problem disappears. There is a screenshot.
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