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Trade Long when Arrows go up (B signal for Buy (Long))

Trade Short when Arrows go down. (S signal for Sell (Short))

C for close positions. first priority is always protect your capital and your profits even at the expense of more profits
Notas de Lançamento: Fix some issues.
Notas de Lançamento: Minor fix applied for specific situations. Thanks @domtag
Notas de Lançamento: update
Notas de Lançamento: update. Added Alerts
Notas de Lançamento: Current script is no longer free.

Shoot a PM for access.

Best regards.
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If you’d like to test the trading script in TradingView, I can give you access to a 10 days FREE trial Thank you!

Can i have access to your script?

Thank you

How can i make the same but using the 8 & 55 EMA and using standard candles instead? I have been using the 8 and 55 successfully but would love to have the signals show on the chart?
I have noticed you have also posted a 10/20 day and I was wondering which one is more accurate for both shorting and to go long? I haven't seen too much of a difference but thought you could share in case i'm missing something.

thank you again for sharing this as its terrific - just have to figure out how to get sound alerts set up and it would be perfect-

appreciate it again!
CryptoNTez escaper28
@escaper28, it depends on the chart, we did test with both codes and with some charts it gives better results on 10/20 and in others 5/10. For crypto it seems to be more accurate with 5/10 :)
escaper28 CryptoNTez
@nicolas.e.tezari, I have been watching and when a new daily candle appears at 8pm EST ( time zones will be different but found that's when new daily appears for me) so example BTC shows a buy signal however the open price is never close to what the current price is even 10 seconds after a new candle. So if this is the case then the majority of the small tighter trades you would lose money on even though in theory if you actually caught the open even though I have never seen the current price match the open on any crypto . Maybe im doing something wrong but have watched and recorded several days. This would mean a lot of small losing trades and this script you want to catch the long or short multiple candle cycles to show a profit. I have tried to use regular Japanese candles and script doesn't work with them because their true open and close prices match - I admit I am not good with HA candles but on a day time frame I don't see how this method and script works like it shows. Any advice would be awesome- thank you
escaper28 CryptoNTez
@nicolas.e.tezari, sorry I have figured it out and apologize for post as should have dove deeper before asking- sincerely apologize
CryptoNTez escaper28
@escaper28, hey no problem, all questions are welcome, you never know what people can find and maybe it will improve the code :)
Thank...I"m going to give this indicator a you know if it's possible to set an alert once the candle closes with the...C...S...or B?
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