Kal's MTF OBV Haar

Kal’s Multi-Time Frame On Balance Volume Haar, also known as Kal’s MTF OBV Haar is a method/study for finding trending volume levels on stocks, indexes and cryptocurrencies using OBV, CMF and CCI over different time-frames (10m, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W, 1M).

Upon adding to the 10-min chart, the sample Image in Tradingview looks as follows:

Note: Kal's MTF OBV Haar is the lower Plot. The upper plot is Kal's MTF ADX Rangoli Roller( 
  • For cryptocurrencies, one week is 7 periods, two weeks is 14 periods
  • For stocks, one week is 5 periods, two weeks is 10 periods

For the study of stocks, I used

  • 9-period EMA over OBV for time-frames (10m, 1H, 4H, D)
  • 4-period EMA over OBV for time-frames (W, M)

For the study of crypto-currencies, I would update EMAs as follows:

  • 13-period EMA over OBV for time-frames (10m, 1H, 4H, D)
  • 6-period EMA over OBV for time-frames (W, M)

In the study plot, the lowest row is 10m, row above is 1H, row above is 4H, then 1D, then 1W and highest row is 1M

  • Lime(  Bright Green) dot implies Trending Uptrend for that time-frame
  • Red dot implies Trending Downward for that time-frame

It’s best to wait and research for possibility of trend reversal during the following dots/bricks:

  • Silver dot implies indecisive up
  • Orange dot implies indecisive downtrend

  • Lime Brick implies CCI is near Zero line( between 15 and 0)
  • Red Brick implies CCI is near Zero line( between -15 and 0)

  • Purple dot implies CCI zero rejection to possibly/probably continue trend UP
  • Yellow dot implies CCI zero rejection to possibly/probably continue trend Down

Aqua dot implies that trend is overbought or oversold. This dot usually happens between red dots or green dots. Therefore, it’s best to wait for pull-back especially in lower time frames.


I am a disabled man. Therefore, I am not able to write in detail here today. More Details will follow as time permits. Please let me know if I am missing anything… 

Legal Disclaimer: I published here so I get replies from fellow viewers to educate myself and for my daily expenses. Hence, if anyone uses this script for making their decisions, I am not responsible for any failures incurred. Also, it is not fair to flag scripts with genuine code to steal someone's work. Please feel free to leave a comment so we could decide consequences in a legal battle if necessary. Thanks to tradingview for preserving copyrights.

Safe Trading!
Kal Gandikota 

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PS3: For more information on OBV, CCI and  CMF , please search internet or here yourself.

PS4: This study is intended for research in creating automated Python Trading Systems using Pandas(https://steemit.com/python/@chipmaker/ho...).

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Please kindly donate for my daily expenses (atleast as you would on streets) at the following BTC Wallet address:

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