r_COT (Commitment of Traders)

COT , Commitment of Traders, both Commercials and Large Speculators merged.
Notas de Lançamento: Quandl has changed the prefix of the CFTC symbols.
This update should the script working again.
Notas de Lançamento:
  • Removed some lines of code which were duplicate
  • Added CADUSD
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hello guy! how to I add COT data in my tradingview like your chart? please
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kramsken nguyendung37
@nguyendung37, add indicator? Not sure what you mean.
Hello! Thank you for the script! Can you please direct me to a source with a basic / brief description on how to read COT data?
Thank you!
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kiero kiero
or maybe give your suggestions...
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@kiero, Commercials own the product and will hedge.
(eg, price up, they will unload their product bit by bit, they want the best price as possible)
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kiero kramsken
@kramsken, thank you! so you mean that commercials may be wrong, and if they are - they kind of scale out of their positions, but at the best available price?
Why not follow institutions then? I know many people look at commercials data, not the institutions.
I'm new COT's member.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this script.
Thank and good luck to you and your family.
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Thank you!
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thank you!
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