Stochastic Heat Map

A series of 28 stochastic oscillators plotted horizontally and stacked vertically from bottom to top as the oscillator background.
Each oscillator has been interpreted and the value has been used to colour the lines in.
Lower lines are shorter term stochastics and higher lines are longer term stochastics.

The average of the 28 stochastics has been taken and then used to plot the fast oscillator line, which also has a slow oscillator line to follow.
The oscillator line can be used to colour in the candles.


MA: multiple smoothing methods
Theme: multiple colours
Increment: stochastic length start and increments
Smooth Fast: smooth fast length
Smooth Slow: smooth slow length
Paint Bars: colour candles
Waves: toggle method to weight/increment stochastics

Heat map shows momentum extremes:

Notas de Lançamento: Updated legacy code.
Notas de Lançamento: Updated colours.
Notas de Lançamento: The number of stochastics plotted in the background can now be controlled with the 'PlotNumber' input. This changes the average calculation and allows more control and precision.
Notas de Lançamento: Updated fast and slow line width.
Notas de Lançamento: Updated colours.
Notas de Lançamento: Updated colours.
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A promising indicator. Bravo.
+1 Resposta
Amazing, thanks a lot!
+2 Resposta
very good
+1 Resposta
Great indicator, very in-depth. Thank you!
+1 Resposta
@Violent, excellent work, very much appreciated, great to use as confluence with other indicators and across time frames, lots of nuances to pay attention to.
+1 Resposta
red means overheat ?
+1 Resposta
@Violent This is great, really appreciate your work here. Thanks for doing these scripts!
+1 Resposta
Wow, it looks pretty neat, will look at it with different charts
+1 Resposta
Anyone knows how to use this?
+2 Resposta
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