Chop and explode

The purpose of this script is to decipher chop zones from runs/movement/explosion

The chop is RSI movement between 40 and 60
tight chop is RSI movement between 45 and 55. There should be an explosion after RSI breaks through 60 (long) or 40 (short). Tight chop bars are colored black, a series of black bars is tight consolidation and should explode imminently. The longer the chop the longer the explosion will go for. tighter the better.

Loose chop (whip saw/yellow bars) will range between 40 and 60.

the move begins with blue bars for long and purple bars for short.

Couple it with your trading system to help stay out of chop and enter when there is movement. Use with "Simple Trender."

Best of luck in all you do. Get money.
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There is something wrong with the code. For values of closes greater than 100 like on BP(British Petroleum), it doesn't paint the bars. I don't understand the code on lines 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42. close<rsi and close<55 it doesn't make sense to me and after ? shouldn't be true : false ? I know you're not a programmer neither am I but please check out the code.
The Simple Trender is great, thanks a lot.
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fhenry0331 sal157011

Hi Sal, Apologies for any issues you are experiencing, but as stated, I am not a programmer. What do you mean for values of closes greater than 100? The index is 0 to100.
looking at the code, I guess line 30 could be close < 100, but that won't solve the issue you are having. It is unbeknownst to me why the script works with some securities and not with others. For me some bars won't paint for US Steel. To answer your questions about the lines, I was trying to show distinct color of bars between RSI "zones" (60 to 100, 40 to 0, and so on). If you can figure out a better or have any ideas, I am receptive. Thank you for your post. Best of luck. Glad you enjoy the Simple Trender.
sal157011 fhenry0331
@fhenry0331, You are comparing the yesterday's security close with the rsi "close<rsi" which doesn't make sense, you shouldn't compare "apples and pears". I don't know what was your intention. If you want in daily time frame to compare today's close with yesterday's close should be "close<close" and if you want to compare yesterday's rsi with today's rsi should be "rsi<rsi" which means "rsi is going up". Maybe you wanted to write "rsi" and wrote "close" instead? Maybe substituting "rsi" for "close" on those lines would solve the problem.
sal157011 sal157011
@sal157011, Sorry, this editor don't write the square brackets. I wanted to write close(1)<close, rsi(1)<rsi but with square brackets like in the script.
fhenry0331 sal157011
I’ll take a look at that. Thanks.
@fhenry0331, Here's the fix:

cond1 = rsi > 60 and rsi < close and close > 0 ? 1 : 0
barcolor(cond1 ? blue : na)

cond2 = rsi < 40 and rsi < close and close > 0 ? 1 : 0
barcolor(cond2 ? purple : na)

cond3 = rsi > 55 and rsi < close and close < 60 ? 1 : 0
barcolor(cond3 ? yellow : na)

cond4 = rsi > 45 and rsi < close and close < 55 ? 1 : 0
barcolor(cond4 ? black : na)

cond5 = rsi > 40 and rsi < close and close < 55 ? 1 : 0
barcolor(cond5 ? yellow : na)

This will allow the indicator to show the coloring of the bars; thanks sal157011 for the tip, I got it working how I need it to work now
TheEconomyCreator TheEconomyCreator
@fhenry0331 so I now have the trending bars working Purple/Blue but trying to figure why I cant see the Black/Yellow chop bars for the Long/Tight chops
@sal157011, i doing this I can see the bar color now! great tip
@sal157011, It works but it still missing something because not all candles are colored. However it did help
TheEconomyCreator TheEconomyCreator
@fhenry0331 so after tweaking the code I got the colors to work with only a few candles not being colored. What I notice is that the trend bar colors dont work on some fx pairs like EG, GU, AU and NU
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