Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Patterns auto detection

This simple indicator detects automatically most important bullish and bearish candlestick patterns formations. Used to locate potential supply and demand imbalances.
Copyright 2017 Alfonso Moreno
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is there and mt4 version ? i couldnt find it in your web site...i want to use it with with your rectangale indicator.very good utiilities and thanks for sharing them for free...
@ReUz, no version for Metatrader 4 sorry
Problem seeing Bearish candles.
Saw your Video an trying trying out your indicator and website.
Only problem is, your indicator shows Bullish candles
but not Bearish candles.
Do not have access to your code so can't figure out why, or fix it.
@Steven678, I am seeing both of them as you can see on the charts, you are the first person saying it's only showing bullish candles. I believe you are using hollow candles, it doesn't work with whole candles, only with candles
Steven678 AlfonsoMoreno
@AlfonsoMoreno, Thx, working now.
But I have a question.
In the meantime, I tried using someone else Engulfing Candlebar Indicator.
Theirs shows about 1-2 out of 10 bars that yours does not show, and yours shows about an equal amount that theirs does not show.
But the majority are the same.
The code they use seems pretty simple and straight forward.
But you have your code hidden, it seems. So really can not compare.

I am trying to account for the difference, so I fully understand what I am looking at using your indicator.
Is your indicator proprietary ? Doing more than just indicating Engulfing candle patterns ?
If not, is there some way I may see it, to understand better what I am doing by using it ?
@Steven678, my code uses a different formula according to my tests. Code is not shared sorry
Steven678 AlfonsoMoreno
@AlfonsoMoreno, No need to be sorry, I figured out what you are doing different. Its only logical. I agree with your conclusion.
Thank u
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Great indicator Cheers. For those who come after me. I think this is a tradingview indicator that you load onto a tradingview chart. I don't think it is an indicator that you can load onto your metatrader charts but I could be wrong. I spent a good hour trying to find this indicator, hope this helps in some way.
@Ian8200, correct, it only works on Trading View,
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