[LunaOwl] RSI 美國線 (RSI Bar, RSIB)

Last year, I saw someone using the candle innovation called "RSI Candle" or "RSIC". so let me have the idea of making RSIB. the Candlestick was Steve Nison in the 1990s. He introduced the concept from Japan to America and published it in the book "Candlestick Course". Welles Wilder is the creator of the relative strength index . after several years of commodity trading, Wilder focused on technical analysis . In 1978 he published "New Concepts in the Technology Trading System". RSI is the new momentum oscillator mentioned in the book. then, if you use Bars to display RSI , it might be an artistic idea. everyone is familiar with the method of use.

以前看過人家使用 " RSI 蠟燭線 "(RSIC)的版本,於是就想做一下美國線的版本。1990年代史蒂夫.尼森將蠟燭線的概念從日本引進華爾街,並在《陰線陽線》詳細介紹;威爾德是 RSI 的作者,做商品交易的他專注於研究技術分析,1978年他出版《技術交易系統新概念》提到了這個。如果用美國線表示 RSI 會是另一個模樣。至於它的用法大家都很熟悉了。

The purpose of publishing Chinese Scripts is to make Pine close to more Chinese user.
發布中文腳本的目的,是希望可以讓 Pine 親近更多中文圈的使用者。
Notas de Lançamento: 更新。內帶寬度 minval = 10.0 修改 => maxval = 4.0
Inner width code: minval = 10.0 change to maxval = 4.0
Notas de Lançamento: 剛才更新完代碼的時候發現背離線不見了,我又加了回來。
update for trade line. just updated the code, but mistakenly deleted the trade line, causing divergence line to disappear.
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