Ultimate Day Trading Strategy(NO REPAINT!!!!)

This strategy was built on Version 3, so no repainting. Has fairly good results in some securities, others not so much. Backtesting is an important step to making sure you can stay consistently profitable. Essentially I combined a couple of indicators together, added my own touches, and presto! Main goal of this strategy is to take many high probability trades, and close out while in profit, for consistent percentage gains. Feel free to try out and test the strategy, let me know what you guys think. Simply favorite and look for it in your indicator list.
Notas de Lançamento: Removed Overlaying killzones.
Notas de Lançamento: Updated Contract size to 1 standard lot
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hey can i try it? i have been favorite your scripts! thanks :D
The 1-2 bar in trade dynamic is what makes this repaint, and any strategy script that repaints is practically worthless. No wonder its so unpopular.
bobbertoswald memer9161998
@memer9161998, What does repainting mean?
hello, can I have access please?
Hello, may I get access please? I will give you some honest feedback. I already added to favorites but its not showing up. Thanks.
@gavin2561, Check your favorites, or refresh this page and try adding it to your favorites again. Doesnt seem you favorited it from this end
Repaints Man
@bapusv6, How so? I have not experienced any repaint whatsoever? Even on 1 min results do not change
hello, can I have access please?
hi , may I have the access ?
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