Volume Scale by Price (VSP)

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Volume Scale by Price ( VSP ) show volume of bar in y-axis (price-axis) with options below:

1. Number of histogram
* Number of histogram = 0 => do not plot volume histogram
* Number of histogram = 1 => plot volume of 21 lasted bar (bar to bar )
* Number of histogram = 2 => plot volume of 21 bar next histogram 1 (bar to bar )

2. Line width
* Columns width of histogram

3. Volume scale ratio
* Scaling histogram with justifiable ratio depend on time frame and symbol

4. Histogram color
* Color of histogram
Notas de Lançamento: * Base on idea of @sam_m400 about Multi Time Frame mode, the script has updated with following details:

1. Adding Muti Time Frame Mode: M5, M15, M30, H1, H4

2. Update Notes:
* Due to limited of drawing data, to enable MTF Mode, pls adjust No. histograms <= 1.
* Due to limited of function "security", the MTF Mode show only volume of lasted 18 bars.

3. Thank @sam_m400 for your idea.
Notas de Lançamento: Add Buy & Sell color to Histogram.
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It'll also be tremendously useful if we can optionally keep the volume profile fixed to a set of candles, even if I have to provide candle numbers (or -ve offsets). This will be invaluable to see how price reacted to the important levels.
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Also, could you please add ability to look back only N candles (even if its < 21)
For example, I would like to examine where are sellers trapped in this recent burst to the upside on USDCHF

However, as you can see, there's no way of controlling how far back the histogram looks. It's showing all buying and selling in last 21 candles.

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makuchaku makuchaku
This is the strategy if you are interested :
makuchaku makuchaku
This is another trade I took on 21st Dec 2020 without this indicator - and you can see, how it would have helped in pinpointing the possible levels of reversal

Message me if you need any help/info. Thanks!
Hi @inno14, this is fantastic work.

Could you please add an optional vertical line which is drawn on the -21 bar till which the histogram is being calculated for. Else, one has to count bars manually every time to understand that till which bar is the histogram showing for.

great work and thanks for sharing
Please add buy and sell in green and red in the VSP bars..thanks...
inno14 sam_m400
@sam_m400, pls update new version of script to add buy & sell color option. Thanks.
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sam_m400 inno14
@inno14, thanks.. that works really great.. awesome work.. I am using and works very well..thanks..
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