Blue Sky Day No Repaint

Guys, the original Blue Sky 90% strategy does not work in live market. It repaints automatically after hitting the "refresh" button. And when I noticed this I started working on it spending restless nights finally came up with this, the script is the same but this time it does not repaint AT ALL even after refreshing the entire web-page.
So, If you guys want to test this indicator in live market, feel free to ask me for accessing this at Whatsapp (+91-77098-21910) and I will grant an access to this script.

How to use:

1. Use Heinkin Ashi candlesticks .

2. The parameters of the strategy are set to default as this script is in beta phase. (The final updated script will be released soon, where in the parameters will be dynamic)

3. When the background is blue "buy", when the background is red "sell".

In the upcoming final update, there will be "buy-sell" arrows, calculating drawdown will also be there. Till then, make sure you follow me so that you'll get notified when I release the ULTIMATE BLUE SKY 90% STRATEGY WITH DRAWDOWN PERFORMANCE SUMMARY!!
Notas de Lançamento: test1
Notas de Lançamento: Script Under Progess. Kindly try after a while!
Notas de Lançamento: Script LIVE now!
Notas de Lançamento: LINKS HAVE BEEN UPDATED:

To learn how to activate Blue Sky Day No Repaint indicator on your chart, visit:

How to set up signal alerts:

To request for trial of Blue Sky Day No Repaint Strategy, you can reach us through:
WhatsApp: +91-77098-21910
Telegram: +91-77098-21910

Feel free to email us on for any queries, feedback, or feature requests.

For pricing & other details, kindly visit us at:
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Hello, please grant me access to trial version. Thanks!
Free trial access??
+3 Resposta
I have paid for 1 month can u give me access?
+7 Resposta
Hello, can I have trial access please?
Hello Pro hacker
Can I access to the free trial? Thanks in advance
Hi! Can I access to the 2day free trial!
+2 Resposta
Hello Sir:
May I have access to the 2-day free trial.
+3 Resposta

I just purchased the monthly plan via paypal. I would like to get access. Thank you!
+11 Resposta
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