XBT Dancing the Contango and Farewell to XBTU19 data?

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
This idea is to expand on my recent observations while trading Basis (spread) of futures contracts for XBT, and how recently Contango and Backwardation have been a good timing indicator for XBTUSD . For more detailed explanation, please check out my indicator script the XBT Contango Calculator in related link.

Typically I have noticed that Futures premium/discount primarily flow along with price movements. For example, when price goes up, premium goes up and vis-versa.
However, what i found most interesting over the last few weeks is there was a divergence in XBTUSD price and XBTZ19 futures premium (blue line), which i noticed for the first time. Additionally, this happened right before the BREAK See below

A primary objective of this post, is to see if publishing this idea in Tradingview will keep the XBTU19 data (orange line) plotted by the XBT Contango Calculator. I have found that charts of expired Bitmex Futures are not available on Tradingview after expiration. Studying XBTU19 September futures has been very useful for trading over the last few months and hope this post will stand as a record on how Contango and Backwardation in XBTU19 contact affected price action (assuming data doesn't disappear after 9/27). If anyone knows a way to plot historical Bitmex data, please help me out. I believe it can be pulled via API from the following link, but I am not able to figure it out.

THE FOLLOWING ARE TWO REASONS WHY I WANT TO STUDY HISTORICAL DATA FROM PREVIOUS BITMEX FUTURE CURVES. I think both of these scenarios could represent the two directions we have at the current moment. As you will see, if past futures curve data was available from these time periods, it could be helpful in deciding which direction to trade.

EXHIBIT A - Mid November 2018, price drop after consolidation triangle

EXHIBIT B - Mid July 2017, price pullback and continuation after consolidation triangle

Let me know your thoughts?

Does it need updating as the contracts expired?
SchamBTC korat_cat
@korat_cat, Yes i just updated the script to remove XBTU19 and replace it with XBTH20. You could also do this your self in indicator settings > inputs
korat_cat SchamBTC
@SchamBTC, Thanks! Any progress on getting historical data added? Would be great to look back over the last few yrs.
SchamBTC korat_cat
@korat_cat, No luck yet. Just haven't had the time. Hope someone who is more familiar with API data can help me out. Good news is it appears this chart saved the XBTU19 data in the chart published at the top. So this is one way to for me to capture futures data every quarter.
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