Open Close Cross Strategy V2

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Script Revision: 2

There are drawing/painting issues in pinescript when working across resolutions/timeframes that I simply cannot fix here.. I will not be putting any further effort into developing this until such a time when workarounds become available.

V2 Changes:
  • Simplified and cleaned up plotting, now just shows a Moving Average derived from the average of open/close.
  • Tried very hard to alleviate painting issues caused by referencing alternate resolution..
  • Strategy based around Open-Close Crossovers.
  • I have generally found that setting the strategy resolution to 3-4x that of the chart you are viewing tends to yield the best results, regardless of which MA option you may choose (if any) - can cause a lot of false positives, be aware of this.
  • Don't aim for perfection. Just aim to get a reasonably snug fit with the O-C band, with good runs of green and red.
  • Option to either use basic open and close series data, or pick your poison with a wide array of MA types.
  • Optional trailing stop for damage mitigation if desired (can be toggled on/off)
  • Positions get taken automagically following a crossover - which is why it's better to set the resolution of the script greater than that of your chart, so that the trades get taken sooner rather than later.
  • If you make use of the stops/trailing stops, be sure to take your time tweaking the values. Cutting it too fine will cost you profits but keep you safer, while letting them loose could lead to more drawdown than you can handle.
Can i request for access @JayRogers
Hello Jay

How do I get version 2
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Great strategy - was impressed with the nice smooth equity curve. Thanks for sharing. As it is not possible to auto-trade in tradingview to-date I modelled the same strategy (DEMA) Open/Close Cross in another package that allows me to use bid/ask broker data. The results were markedly different with a trade win rate no higher than 40%, despite the trade entries being almost identical. At first I thought this is because of the spread - which does have some impact. However, upon low-level examination of the entry/exit prices in the two models it appears that your model evaluation is done on bar close, however you take the open (or near open) price as your entry from the same bar. In live trading this is obviously not possible. Have I understood this correctly? Or is this a limitation of the back testing framework? All comments made in a positive light - I'm just trying to understand the differences. Thanks a lot - again, great work.
amscales amscales
@amscales, FYI - just read the other thread relating to v1 of this strategy which I guess comes to the same conclusion. Anyway, cheers.
Any plans on unlocking it for beta testing?
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