CRV +175 before July ... don't miss this sale !!

Viés de alta
okay firstly let me tell u regarding the bearish waves based on my previous experience from 2017, it maybe the end of the bull run but for certain coins.

If u did some serious investigations on old alt in 2017 bull run u will realize that there was some coins which made its ATH after the btc and whole market corrected and when they said " BULL RUN ENDED FOR 2017 "

so what I would like to say even if in a bearish market u will find opportunities and high potential ones, but it is all about your beliefs..

coins such what ?? coins like eth - bnb - ltc - crv and others which have fundamentally strong base but all the modern alt will bleed I believe like dent and others

BTC.D will reach 40% n 30% then the bull run will be ended completely we can say

don't ever panic sell of losing money, u can sell but in case supports broken for example and u preferred to buy more in dip and always risk only with yours proits in such situation where every thing is not cleared yet

✅ Buy: 2.40 - 2.63 ✅


1- $4.52
2- $5.40
3- $6.97 (leave 75% till that point)

💵 Trade Size: 5-7% of Portfolio

🚫Invalidation(SL): 4hr candle close below 2.02

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