[CRV] just tested a previous area of SUPPORT, heads up

Viés de alta
A previous area of support from Sept '20 to Jan '21 is now being retested again ($1.08 top of support range)....yesterday's candle dropped down and damn near slammed against the that $1.08 top of the lower rectangle after it fell through the previous area of support between $186 and $2.10. I drew the new areas of possible support when the plunge began....let me know what you guys think. I must be on to something because whether bear or bull....there are ways to make money, and the better you can get at identifying areas of support and resistance, obviously the better trader/investor you will be for it. Happy trading guys and don't worry, this too shall pass. If you have money in something you know you have done your due diligence on and you believe in, and you can afford to leave it where it is....please be patient because more times than not....a legitimate project will recover and you will not have to take the tremendous loss that you may have been thinking you need to take....that fear they play on is a bitch, ain't it? Make money guys.....EVERYTHING MUST GO, AND YOU CAN'T BEAT THESE PRICES ANYWHERE.....

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