CIEL3 - War Machines

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Some people was telling me that CIEL3 was an interesting deal to buy a PUT due to the fundamental crises that the company is running with. Actually is more an industry momentum which other companies are getting their market share and might put in risk their finances.
Looking over the graph, for me, is completely undoubtedly that the outlook for instance is NEUTRO. The paper tried to form a Head & Shoulders but didn't break the neck line at R$10,09. RSI is at 50, so neutro momentum. Stochastic is in a minimum level point upwards but TRIX is pointing downwards.
The company won't release any earnings over these days so what I'm going to do is keep watching this asset.
If, CIEL3 get downwards below R$10,09 I might buy a PUT reaching the next support at R$8,70 with a STOP LOSS at 10,49 wich would give me a relation 1 to 3.

See ya.

Thiago Lobato
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