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Bitcoin - THE LAST DUMP !

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin/Dólar Americano
Bitcoin needs a deep correction before the real Bullrun.

17 Jun is an important time zone in weekly chart (2, 16 Jul are also important in daily chart ), overlapping with diagonal resistance and touching the median line of an old pitchfork are our signs of a sharp dump.

If price reaches to $6000 zone, it will be the last time that BTC touches it and probably Bitcoin will never meet the price again. It's a goodbye kiss :)

21 Oct is an important time zone in weekly chart that we expect powerful reactions.

One thing that I should notice is, price can stop the downtrend in $6700 too but $6000 zone is more expected.

The stop loss of this analysis is $9600 that it's too far and untouchable. I don't think price can reach there.

Hint: Always pay attention to Time Analysis & Time Zones!

Comentário: The highest price I expect is $9600 zone.
For this analysis please only check weekly chart.
Comentário: If BTC keeps the 7450 support in the daily chart we expect another bull wave to 9000 and 9600.
9600 is really important and we should be careful when we reach there. I will update soon.
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